Board resolutions are legal documents that record the decisions of a company’s board of directors. They can provide a degree of protection designed for directors should any actions taken by these people end up being challenged inside the courts or by stakeholders.

Once writing a board resolution, you should earliest identify the date in the meeting plus the resolution quantity. This will allow one to easily discover the file in the future if necessary.


The title of your quality should catch the board’s name, the situation being fixed and a statement that explains the intent. Be sure this accurately reflects the challenge, so that it is not hard to understand for many who locate your image resolution years following it absolutely was written.


The content section of your company resolution ought to include the decisions that were produced in a meeting, with the voting decisions of each member. For example , if the board of directors decided to work with two fresh executives and take out a company loan in one meeting, this will be clearly recognized as part of your corporate image resolution.

Certificate of Secretary

The certificate of secretary must be included right at the end of your image resolution, ensuring that it can be authentic and appropriate. This may be done by the panel secretary, the company’s assistant admin or another person designated by board.

A board quality is a required part of virtually any business’s governance process. It provides record of the actions taken by a panel of directors and demonstrates that they will be acting inside the best interests belonging to the company. It is also an important factor document in the event any panel members happen to be sued for actions.

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